Mare Vaporum

Vidya Report (March/April 2020)

Here i will post my thoughts on various games i've played during March and April 2020.

Rating System:

  • 0/5 - Garbage: reserved to only the worst of the worst
  • 1/5 - Bad
  • 2/5 - Mediocre: not bad, but not exactly good either
  • 3/5 - Good
  • 4/5 - Very Good
  • 5/5 - Excellent: reserved to only the best of the best

Pokèmon Crystal Clear (GBC)

Ok, this isn't exactly a new game, but instead a romhack of an existing one.
It takes the masterpiece that is Pokèmon Crystal and, somehow, makes it even better by "opening up" the world and allowing the player to go everywhere he wants from the very start.
This is accomplished by having Gym Leaders and other trainers "scale up" based on how many badges the player has.
Besides that, there are also tons of "quality of life" improvements and extra content.

Score: 5/5 (Excellent).

The Guardian Legend (NES)(1988)

The Guardian Legend is one of those games that attempts to create something unique by taking two completely different game genres and mixing them up.
in this case: "overhead autoscrolling space shooter" and "action-adventure" (read: Zelda clone).
You play as the "Guardian", a cyborg(?) with the ability to turn into a fighter jet, on a mission to destroy the evil(?) planet Naju before it reaches Earth.

The game is divided in two parts, "The Labryinth" and "The Dungeon".
The Labryinth serves as the action-adventure portion of the game and is essentially a gigantic original The Legend of Zelda dungeon.
It's divided in numerous sub-sections, accessible through "warp panels", which usually require a particular key to enter.

The Dungeon instead acts as the space shooter part of the game. Dungeon levels are found while exploring the Labryinth.
The objective here is simply reaching the end of the level and defeating the boss.
Once a Dungeon level is completed, the player is rewarded with either a power-up, a new weapon (usable both in the Labryinth and the Dungeon, with one exception) or a warp panel key.
The player must complete 10 particular Dungeon levels in order to destroy Naju and beat the game.

While The Guardian Legend, with it's multi-genre structure, is certainly a very good and original game, it never truly excels in neither of it's playstyles.
In particular, exploring the near-identical sections of The Labryinth can rapidly turn into a boring slog.
The overly complicated password system doesn't exactly help it either.

Score: 4/5 (Very Good).