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Vidya Report 2

Rating System:

  • 0/5 - Garbage: reserved to only the worst of the worst
  • 1/5 - Bad
  • 2/5 - Mediocre: not bad, but not exactly good either
  • 3/5 - Good
  • 4/5 - Very Good
  • 5/5 - Excellent: reserved to only the best of the best

Legendary Wings (NES)(1987)

A relatively standard scrolling shooter. Despite the fantasy aesthetic of some of the early levels, the game actually takes place in the distant future, where a rogue supercomputer, after helping mankind for thousands of years, has taken the sudden decision to wipe out humanity.

The game has 5 stages, each divided in two sections: the first scrolls vertically, while the second horizontally.
All of the game's stages share the same bosses (with the exception of the very last one), with some minor pattern changes.

The player has two types of weapons at his disposal: one for enemies in the air, and one for enemies on the ground, usually stationary towers.
These are upgraded by picking up multiple weapon power-ups. The last upgrade allows the player character to transform into an overpowered human phoenix, making some of the most difficult sections a breeze.

Overall, Legendary Wings isn't too hard. In each of the vertically scrolling sections there's an hidden bonus area filled with weapon upgrades and lives, which means the player has essentially infinite continues and as long as he knows how to access these areas.

Score: 3/5 (Good).

Amid Evil (PC)(2018)